Sarajevo, January 2002  


The registry index contains the information in possession by the Commission, and the form in which it is available. Please note that the information may be accessed or copied pursuant to the Law on the Free Access to Information, and the Guidebook on Accessing Information, and that some of the information contained in the registry can be found in «The Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina» (regulations) or at the web site of the Commission Komisije: . This registry index is available free of charge at the reception desk, or with the Information Officer of the Commission.   

Types of Information

Bylaws passed by the Commission, within its authority (a list of bylaws passed by the Commission and the issues of «The Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina» in which they were published is available, and copies of the bylaws are available).
Annual Reports of the Commission and its Work Programs   
Data on the  organization and employees
Data on internal organization, data on the number and names of employees and Commission members, their education, natioanality, gender, work experience, jobs.  
Financial information on the Commission

Financial Plan 
  • Data from the registry of issuers maintained by the Commission data on joint stock companies:
- company name, seat, director and management, supervisory board and board of audit members, initial capital, type, number and nominal value of shares
- annual financial statement, audit report and opinion
- decisions on the joint stock company transformation, merger, splitting up or acquisition, change of the company name, increase or decrease of the initial capital of the company
- information on decisions and prospectuses of public share issuances or issuances through private placement
- forms for applying for entry into the registry of issuers or reporting changes to data contained in the registry of issuers
  • Information on professional intermediaries 
- program of the examination of professional ability for brokers/dealers and reference materials 
- information on persons who passed the examination 
- information on licensed brokers/dealers
- information on brokerage companies licensed by the Commission: company name, seat, director, founders and initial capital.
  • Information on the Stock Exchange
-company name, seat, director, supervisory board members, incorporation license, statute, rules of the Stock Exchange, founders, initial capital.
  • Information on decisions of the Commission on suspensions of trading shares of individual joint stock companies
  • Information on fund management companies and investment funds

            -company name, seat, initial capital, founders, director and supervisory board members, financial statements, audit    report and opinion.